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Your journey in the SensualSelf Program opened you to feelings, longings and fears within you which used to be on the edge of your conscious perception. The months you spend opening and reconnecting with deeper parts of yourself stretched you into more of who you are, which is often equally fascinating and challenging - you have, in a way, entered a puberty of consciousness.


In Integration retreat I will share about the bigger picture of the journey you started and offer direction and guidance in how to use the self knowledge you gained during the course.



Womb mandala is a representation of the web of your relationships, including the innermost circle - you relationship with yourself.

It shows you which relationships influence you the most and why. It shows you what you need to learn, where is the inner fight reflecting on your outer relationships.

Why things feel like they have taken on next level of intensity in your life after the course is because you are feeling how you are trying to have the deeper, original desires you came in touch with on your inner journey, met in places in which it can´t and is not meant to be met. 


The retreat´s central theme:

  • Learning to use the map of the womb mandala allows you to recognize where you are recreating the power struggle you originally experienced as a child, through a dependent relationship with you parents

  • It allows you to use the mental clarity and self knowledge you gained in the course, along with the capacity to access deeper emotions, which hold old patterns in place, to act from a more integrated place.


Who is the retreat for?

It is open only for those who have completed SensualSelf Program, and who wish to continue to live from a place of connection with heart and womb and learn how to best utilize the insights, healings and openings that happened during the course.

The retreat will be a gathering of the "deep divers".

You will be in a group of women who have already delved into deeper parts of themselves and whose energetic fields have been carved by these experiences.

In alignment with retreat´s theme, we will make use of the natural laws of the womb mandala: people you surround yourself with influence who you are becoming and how you are journeying through life. 

Surrounding yourself with women who have through their journey developed deeper presence, emotional sensitivity, greater affinity and ability for natural and genuine expression of themselves is healing in itself. It will allow you to effortlessly contine learning through example and "osmosis" in the times in between workshops as well.

 Outline of the weekend

Mandala flower

You will spend three days in seclusion,

away from your routine and outer influences,

so that more delicate parts of you have an opportunity to fully emerge and be given what they need.

This is how we will move through the womb mandala over the course of retreat:



Individual and practical guidance

we´ll be going deeper into what has been coming up most strongly for you in separation process (separation from mechanisms which make you treat yourself in ways which are less than supportive and out of alignment with love)


There will be enough time for individual attention so you can gain more clarity about what it is concretely within you that needs to be re-parented



Nurturing and rest

to balance out the "consciousness work", we´ll take time for rest and ease


Most of us grew up with a part of us being overlooked by our parents because they themselves were disconnect from this part within themselves. We learned what it feels like to be dependent as children, and learned that we can find safety and support (in varying degrees) in other people. We have often not have enough alone time as children, to nurture our wildness, intuition and original connection with God Creation. 

To be able to sustain inner fulfillment and joy, one needs to grow in wisdom and self-knowledge.

To be able to access it though, one needs free song and wild dance, and good food in good company :)



Into the mystery

 ...beyond the "next steps"

Part of your journey in the course has been one of initiation. 

Therefore the part that followed (and follows) is one of integration, and it goes way beyond the retreat. And it will often ask of you more than what you feel you can handle. It will ask of you to grow.

I will share with you about the mystic path, as  one of maturing and self knowledge. I will share about most common pitfalls and the parts within you which will be asked to grow so that your being can continue to align more deeply with love.

time and space

...yet to be revealed :)

Time: last weekend of January (25th, 26th, 27th)

starting Friday afternoon and ending on Sunday afternoon

Venue: will soon be revealed

With food and accomodation included, the price will be between 220 and 250 eur

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