For the past five years, I have been facilitating workshops and individual session for men and women focused on different aspects of inner growth and healing.

I work mainly with people whose main objective is deeper self-knowledge and inner connection - who recognize that the clarity and strength to meet their challenges is within them, and are looking to uncover that connection.

I also often assist those searching for a complementary approach that would support them with integration of what they were experiencing in traditional therapy.

Here is a bit of my personal story, and what got me to where I am today.

Very early on in my life, I became interested in the approaches that dealt with how to live more fully, how to be in your body, how to find your voice and truly know your heart and soul.


I was passionate, inexperienced and thirsty to know and experience more, and I threw myself into the world of modern-ancient spiritual teachings, and the often messy mass workshops and retreats.

This left me open to both positively eye-opening experiences as well as those that were damaging and took a lot of work to recover from. It is a fact of life though, that both the good and bad we go through has the potential to enrich our perspective and insight, and transform us, and it was so in my case too.

If we are lucky enough, any injury we experience will be followed by an adequate and complete recovery. The emotional and psychological injuries I was left with led me to a journey of deep self-exploration and healing, that provided invaluable insights into what it takes to truly transform the injured parts within. It has also carved out a deep space of stillness and empathy within me, that allows me to access deep states of intuitive clarity, and be present and attuned to the inner process another person is going through - allowing me to offer the kind of support that is responsive to individual needs of each person.

I have also experienced first hand the benefits and drawbacks of many approaches that promise healing, growth and personal-evolution. Those experiences have later helped me to carefully put together programs and workshops that wholesomely support a person's growth in the realms of emotional, psychological and spiritual.

I fully recognize that facilitating inner-work requires utmost integrity and respect and care for the person seeking support, and I do my best to consistently provide that.

I have been consistently learning, training and filling in my blindspots over the years so I can provide the best service to those who trust me to accompany them on their inner journey.

My approach is a trauma-informed synthesis of modern embodiment, healing and therapeutic modalities and multiple wisdom traditions.

My approach

In my work I put the emphasis on individual attention and support, that's why you will find private sessions an indispensable part of the courses I offer. Inner journey can feel lonely and tends to challenge us in ways that require an outer support - so that we can be made aware of our blindspots and not hindered by them.

Equally important, I emphasize the need for self-responsibility and dedication in my courses. That is so that you can come out empowered and with a direct experience of a deep self-care, knowing that you have the ability to hold yourself through anything.

Each of my courses is suitable both for people who are new to inner work and those with extensive experience in it. A direct testament to that are the numerous women who have repeated the journey through SensualSelf Program. Some of them I've known for years and I have directly witnessed the immense depth and emotional intelligence they have developed in that time. And yet, they choose to repeat the journey.

Why is that?

In the journeys I facilitate, we work with the ever-deepening questions related to psychological, spiritual and moral development. These processes will always take you to the next step of your development - no matter if you are taking the first or the hundredth step.

Psychologically, the work is that of emotional healing, integrating and maturing - integrating the old emotional wounds, understanding and acknowledging core desires and needs that often stay under our radar and developing new, fuller and more accurate perspectives on our repeating emotional challenges.  That enables us to live our lives with a well developed emotional intelligence - self-aware, free from paralyzing emotional triggers and better prepared for life's challenges.

Morally, we work with the timeless topics of kindness, honesty, humility, forgiveness, self-responsibility and reliability. 

Spiritually, we're opening the space and carving the path to the "God-shaped hole in our heart" and tapping into the deepest, most  powerful longing of our soul. That is what serves as both the endless supply of love, deepest support and healing and a source of dedication and inspiration to live from a place which is truly aligned with our conscience and devoted to love beyond superficial fears and self-doubt. 

These journeys are taking you through the questions, subsequent exploration and answers that cause you to grow in love and wisdom, and empower you to transform your life in alignment with the newfound clarity.


 Can this work support you when you're in the process of treating a complex psychological or emotional condition?

My work is that of self-discovery and emotional healing , and it does not fall under therapy - as in diagnosing and treating specific conditions/disorders - but I nevertheless find it extremely important to consistently deepen and broaden my knowledge about the more complex psychological conditions.

This includes trauma and complex post traumatic stress disorder. It is not uncommon for people who are in therapy for those reasons to also take part in the program, and, in my experience and observation,  the subtler version of those conditions (the unconscious developmental trauma) is almost a norm, a silent killer of the soul, and almost without fail a hidden reason why people turn to inner work, so the process we go through in the program is designed with that in mind, to support the emotional and mental recovery.​

I also find it important to built the understanding of narcissism and narcissistic abuse into my work, as well as emotional abuse and dysfunctional dynamics in family of origin and/or intimate relationships and workplace, because doing inner work without context, without taking in account the relationships that influence you can be downright harmful.

As a norm, people's therapeutic process has been beautifully supported by the work done in my courses. This is still, however, a highly situation-specific question, so I would encourage you to contact me with your questions and that we can take a look at your needs before you start a program.