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The next cycle of SensualSelf Program starts August 16, 2020





long stored emotions and tensions from your physical, emotional and energetic body and your soul

First I invite you into your body, then we venture into your heart and soul. I will guide you as deep as you are ready to go, to the places within you where you can meet and feel through your core wounds and fears.

This is essential in order to truly feel your essence, from which you are able to feel, see and experience yourself, others and all life in a substantially different way.


find and anchor in the place where soul and body meet

At the very core of this course is a reconnection with the three centers of consciousness within you: womb, heart and mind and strengthening your ability to think, feel and intuit/sense clearly.

It starts with inner repositioning, you will be invited and guided to shift from your head and mental space into your heart and giving it the attention it needs to open. 

As your heart softens through deep feeling and release of the burden of repressed emotions, your body and womb can relax too.

There is a newfound sense of clarity and sensitivity, where there was numbness before. You become increasingly aware of the call of your soul and your intuition. 


with your intuition


Intuition is,  simply put, the inner state in which instinct and insight meet. Both instinct and insight are often affected by the old emotions and unprocessed difficult experiences, and we might start to mistrust our gut feeling because we  recognize that our instinctive reaction might be too strong or counter-productive sometimes, and feel like we can't "think clearly".

You can imagine like a cloud of past difficult experiences which haven't been put into perspective and learned from, but still hoover over you,  and affect your perception of a situation in front you.

Through the healing of heart and womb, you can restore the intuitive clarity.

the essence of your sexuality – your sensual soul 

As you uncover deeper layers of your yoni, you will start to understand the greater role that sexual energy plays within your being, and in your healing, as well as how it influences your choices and the direction you take in your life. With emotional healing and reconnection with your soul, the desires that move you through life are allowed to arise from a deeper place within you. This carves the path into freedom from trying to prove yourself and blindly trying to meet the expectations placed on you and your motivation can now come from a place of purpose and clearer sense of direction.


into a place of deeper trust in yourself, life and Creation

As you come into a deeper place of self-love and self-honesty, you enter a greater inner autonomy. This supports you and causes a relaxation on a core level, allowing for a stronger feeling of safety and freedom within yourself.


more sensitive to the voice of your heart and soul and able to follow their guidance

Through the healing process you are invited into on this journey, you start to live in alignment with deeper wisdom and maturity of love. Through facing and releasing fears that stop you from truly being yourself, your expression becomes freer. Your actions start to come from a place of more integrity and your very being subtly yet significantly changes, your essence starts to shine through.

Chronological outline of the SensualSelf Program


“Through Angela’s course I opened the door towards myself and discovered an unknown place. I never expected to feel and perceive what I’m perceiving now.

I started the SensualSelf Program with the desire to come into closer contact with my body and I ended up in something much much bigger.

—  Mira


We will journey together for 4 months.

Comprehensive structure of the program supports your journey on all levels and provides the base for you to immerse into the depths of your body and soul, allowing the time you spend in the course to be truly life changing.  

solo practices
live workshops
individual sessions


Andela brings a great depth into this work, which is very important for me when embarking on such "adventures".

I believe, in order to teach this work, one must first do their own inner work, work grounded in honest self reflection and confrontation with deep parts of oneself, and that is what I appreciate about Andela - she teaches from personal experience.  Andela has been both a role model for me, as well as an ally on my journey and I have had a lot of incredible experiences with her.

I feel safe and protected in the space she holds and in her deep  feminine presence.


I have been blessed to be guided on my own journey of healing by exceptional people who have modeled for me the true meaning of service. I know what it is to be deeply and lovingly seen, guided into the depths of my soul, through and beyond the fears and resistance, patiently instructed, corrected, supported, and in my work I aspire to guide and serve with the same depth of presence, respect and love I received.

Background of my work


Womb wisdom work:  it has been the most in-depth, refined and heart and healing centered approach to the therapeutic potential and power of sexual energy I have encountered (and I had by that point spent years practicing  in other spiritual traditions that revolve around the use of sexual energy for healing).

I was immersed in the teachings and practices of the womb wisdom work for several years, of which I spent one full year under guidance of the teachers, a year with a very demanding inner work schedule, that required a lot of discipline, willingness to face the uncomfortable and painful aspects of my being and reality and devotion to developing the highest aspects of the psyche - love, wisdom and power. This work was deeply rooted in mysticism and the experience of the unseen aspects of feminine soul.  

It was several years of broadening my knowledge and deepening my experience later that allowed me to draw connections and start to understand what psychological processes were happening behind the mystical experiences. This understanding is now weaved into my work, along with some aspects of the original teaching.


My soul training in the womb tradition left me with a carved out psychological and spiritual space within me, that allows me to access deep states of intuitive clarity, and be present and attuned to the inner process another person is going through and the kind of presence and guidance they need to grow and heal through the experience they are having.



My work is that of self-discovery and emotional healing, and inner evolution, and it does not fall under the category of therapy - as in diagnosing and treating specific conditions/disorders - but I nevertheless find it extremely important to consistently deepen and broaden my knowledge about the more complex psychological conditions.

This includes trauma and complex post traumatic stress disorder. It is not uncommon for people who are in therapy for those reasons to also take part in the program, and, in my experience and observation,  the subtler version of those conditions (the unconscious developmental trauma) is almost a norm, a silent killer of the soul, and almost without fail a hidden reason why people turn to inner work, so the process we go through in the program is designed with that in mind, to support the emotional and mental recovery.

I also find it important to built the understanding of narcissism and narcissistic abuse into my work, as well as emotional abuse and dysfunctional dynamics in family of origin and/or intimate relationships and workplace, because doing inner work without context, without taking in account the relationships that influence you can be downright harmful.

I have worked with both men and women in workshops and individual sessions on different aspects of inner growth and soul healing. The last several years I have fully focused on the SensualSelf program and the supporting retreats and workshops. and enjoy enriching it and customizing it to every particular group´s needs.

the upcoming journey...


The live workshops will take place in Mannheim, Germany in Praxisraum in Q1, 15, Mannheim-Mitte.

Individual sessions are done via skype or zoom.

Solo practices take place in the comfort of your home.

I offer this journey as an online course as well, which means that for those who can´t physically join the workshops, there is an alternative. If that applies to you, write me about the details.


Starting 16.08. 2020 

The workshops are taking place every two weeks, starting on the 16th August. There will be 2 workshops per month, 8 workshops in total. Workshops are  cca. 3 hours long, and take place from 17:00 to 20:00. 


August:               16., 30.

September:       13., 27.

October:            11., 25.

November:        8., 22.

The individual sessions are scheduled as we go. I will always give you the info about my availability for that period of the course in advance so that you can plan. Generally the sessions are done in the late morning and afternoon.

Contribution: 175 EUR/Month