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The next cycle of SensualSelf Program starts on the 2nd of February





long stored emotions and tensions from your physical, emotional and energetic body and your soul

First I invite you into your body, then we venture into your heart and soul. I will guide you as deep as you are ready to go, to the places within you where you can meet and feel through your core wounds and fears.

This is essential in order to truly feel your essence, from which you are able to feel, see and experience yourself, others and all life in a substantially different way.


find and anchor in the place where soul and body meet

At the very core of this course is a reconnection with and opening of the three centers of consciousness within you: womb, heart and mind. 

It starts with inner repositioning, you will be invited and guided to open the gate into your womb, the seat of your deepest intuition. As your heart softens through deep feeling and release of the burden it carried, the connection between them starts to open, which allows your womb to release and clear as well. There is a newfound sense of clarity and sensitivity, where there was numbness before. You become increasingly aware of the call of your soul and your intuition sharpens. 

It is due to this, that changes take place in your physical body as well. Women who have not had period for years have seen their period return. Others reported that the menstrual cramps and other symptoms disappeared, and for some the premenstrual phase changed.


the essence of your sexuality – your sensual soul - and its intimate  connection to the soul of the Earth

As you uncover deeper layers of your yoni, you will start to understand the greater role that sexual energy plays within your being, and in your healing, as well as how it influences your choices and the direction you take in your life. As your yoni, womb and heart start to awaken you will become able to directly connect with Gaia: the soul of the Earth, and feel your place in the web of life within her. Through restoring that connection, your place and purpose in the world starts to uncover.


into a place of deeper trust in yourself, life and Creation

As you come into a deeper place of self-love and self-honesty, you enter a greater inner autonomy. This supports you and causes a relaxation on a core level, allowing for a stronger feeling of safety and freedom within yourself.


more sensitive to the voice of your heart and soul and able to follow their guidance

Through the healing process you are invited into on this journey, you start to live in alignment with deeper wisdom and maturity of love. Through facing and releasing fears that stop you from truly being yourself, your expression becomes freer. Your actions start to come from a place of more integrity and your very being subtly yet significantly changes, your essence starts to shine through.


“Through Angela’s course I opened the door towards myself and discovered an unknown place. I never expected to feel and perceive what I’m perceiving now.

I started the SensualSelf Program with the desire to come into closer contact with my body and I ended up in something much much bigger.

—  Mira


We will journey together for 4 months.

Comprehensive structure of the program supports your journey on all levels and provides the base for you to immerse into the depths of your body and soul, allowing the time you spend in the course to be truly life changing.  

solo practices
live workshops
individual sessions


Andela brings a great depth into this work, which is very important for me when embarking on such "adventures".

I believe, in order to teach this work, one must first do their own inner work, work grounded in honest self reflection and confrontation with deep parts of oneself, and that is what I appreciate about Andela - she teaches from personal experience.  Andela has been both a role model for me, as well as an ally on my journey and I have had a lot of incredible experiences with her.

I feel safe and protected in the space she holds and in her deep  feminine presence.


I have committed my life to deepening into love, and bringing more depth, truth and integrity into all parts of my life. My journey has demanded deep honesty and willingness to face and explore my shadow and through it I reclaimed more of my soul's ability to clearly see and feel other souls, both their light and shadow, and hold deep space for their healing and growth. 

I have been blessed to be guided on my own journey of healing by exceptional people who have modeled for me the true meaning of service. I know what it is to be deeply and lovingly seen, guided into the depths of my soul, through and beyond the fears and resistance, patiently instructed, corrected, supported, and in my work I aspire to guide and serve with the same depth of presence, respect and love I received.

Among those who influenced my work and supported me on my journey, I  want to honor Padma Aon Prakasha, wisdom author and the pioneer in the field of womb wisdom teachings, whose work supported me to drop into some of the deepest, purest and most powerful parts of me;

Shekinah Zorensky, a birth doula and womb shaman, for helping me understand that the deepest wisdom is found in embracing our  humanity; 

Fabiana Sacca, a Pathwork helper and shaman, who showed me that kindness and speaking truth are equal signs of one´s strength;

Aina Greta, Soul and Shakti guide, who made me see that no amount of safety on the outside can compensate for the lack of trust within, and the joy that comes with it;

Maya Tatjana Alexander, ancestral healing facilitator and womb guide, for planting in me the seeds of intuitive knowing that helped me realize obligation is not the ground love grows from.

Today I live from a place of deep connection with my intuition, in firm trust in the wisdom within me, and ever expanding intimate and personal knowing of my place in this world and within Creation.

I have developed an alive and deep awareness of  the shadow parts within me and am acutely aware of its reasoning and mechanisms, and I pour this knowing into my work.

I have worked with men and women in workshop setting, as well as through private sessions on a variety of topics, different levels and aspects of emotional and spiritual maturing and soul embodiment.

In the past years, the focus of my work has been SensualSelf Program and accompanying women on the journey of sexual and soul healing, a work which is hard to put into words, as there are rare things more awe inspiring, touching and truly wonderful than witnessing another in a place of power, love and wisdom, as they touch their essence and know the safety and peace of feeling their place in existence. 

the upcoming journey...


The live workshops will take place in Mannheim, Germany in Praxisraum in Q1, 15, Mannheim-Mitte.

Individual sessions are done via skype, whatsapp or zoom.

Solo practices take place in the comfort of your home.

*I offer this journey as an online course as well, which means that for those who can´t physically join the workshops, there is an alternative. If that applies to you, write me about the details.


Starting 02.02. 2020 

The workshops are taking place every two weeks, starting on the 2nd February. There will be 2 workshops per month, 8 workshops in total. Workshops are  cca. 3 hours long, and take place from 17:00 to 20:00. 

Workshop schedule coming soon.

Contribution: 170 EUR/Month 

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