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What is it the purpose of the C.L.E.A.R. course?

To help you




Through four months of inner exploration that guides you to build a clear emotional connection to what you value most and live and act in accordance with those values.

Who is it for?

For any man who:


  • feels called to know and understand himself better

  • wishes to have a clearer and stronger relationship with his values and priorities

  • is ready to look into deeper, buried feelings and emotional experiences that may not have been resolved and well integrated

  • wants to be able to experience deeper intimacy and connection and have better understanding of people's inner world, thus increasing his ability to support those around him - becoming a better friend, partner, father, leader

What does the journey

through C.L.E.A.R. look like?

It starts with your desire to pause, reflect and get clear on the path you are walking - and changes you are called to make - before taking your next step.

The C.L.E.A.R program helps you protect and sustain that desire and direct it into an exploration that will leave you with more clarity. It makes sure that the spark of eagerness doesn't flicker out because you're not sure what question to turn to first or how to find answers.

When you find yourself desiring more clarity in different aspects of your life, it can be hard to deal with the emotional uncertainty while searching for the clear view again. Uncertainty makes you less able to calmly explore all the possibilities you have and less willing to look more deeply within, because you're afraid more questions might open - and you are looking for answers. It can be a time of intense emotional struggle and stress. This can often rob you of deeper transformational potential, because you might deal with it by avoiding and distracting yourself from the unclarity you're facing.


That is the scenario I want for you to avoid.

That's why, in C.L.E.A.R. you will be taken on a journey that will not take you away, but straight into some hard and important questions - and you will be consistently supported as you face them.

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The outline of the journey

learn to recognize, explore and manage your specific emotional triggers

HEART: Growth

revise expectations in relationship to yourself and others to build the kind of self-accountability that will best support you to transform the shadow aspects of your character 

HEART: Reconnection

reconnect with your values and allow them to define you more deeply than your fears

grow in self-compassion and core confidence by working through rejection wound - this is an emotional injury that we often carry from upbringing and can do great damage to our sense of worth and ability to take healthy emotional risks if it stays under our radar 

Heart: Foundations

daily practices for better relationship with life, others and yourself:

this part of the course is designed as a practice bootcamp in which we'll work with and apply the attitudes of humility, honesty, gratitude, forgiveness and kindness practically and consistently

Values applied: Priorities 

month 1

month 2

month 3

month 4

come to clarity and peace about which aspects of life to prioritize at present: we'll deepen into the process of prioritizing so that you can be clearer about where your motives are coming from and what is the best course of action 

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In what ways will you be supported?

When developing this course, it was important for me to create a balanced ratio of the tasks that ask you to drop into deeper thought and those that invite you into deeper feeling.

Each of those require a different kind of support and that is why there are 3 elements that create course as a whole:

Image by Herman Delgado
online lessons and study material

lessons that will deepen your understanding of each practice and of the transformation process in itself

Mandala flower
guided inner-exploration

audio recordings for guided emotional reconnection and exploration  and guided journalling

Mandala flower
individual sessions

to give you the support that cannot be put into anything that is prerecorded, no matter how well thought out.

Private sessions are the place where we explore and identify your blindspots and work through your specific challenges.

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What can you expect from me?

My offerings all come from a careful reflection on my genuine needs through the years of inner-work and on countless hours of observations and conversations with the people I supported during the last five years.

The one thing I am certain of is that there is an element of support that we each need on our inner journey that is irreplacable by any written or pre-recorded material, no matter how insightful, well-written and helpful it might be – and that is genuine care.

The inner exploration is both a complex and delicate process that requires dedication not just from the person who is in the process of rediscovering themselves, but also of the person supporting them through it. 

You'll have ups and downs, the times when you discover something about yourself that you would rather not see – times that make you wonder why you even signed up for this – and the times when you're going to have the insights and discover the strength within you that is going to change how you experience yourself forever.

That is where my support and guidance comes in.

 My role is to lend you a helping hand when you're building those bridges between the discomfort of facing a difficult insight and the subsequent strength and clarity that comes from embracing and utilizing it to better your life.


“Through Angela’s course I opened the door towards myself and discovered an unknown place. I never expected to feel and perceive what I’m perceiving now.

I started the SensualSelf Program with the desire to come into closer contact with my body and I ended up in something much much bigger.

—  Mira

the upcoming journey...

The next C.L.E.A.R. course starts in November, 2021.


Image by Salman Hossain Saif

Book a free consultation

Do you want to talk to me before registering for the course? Do you have questions you'd want to discuss with me directly?

Feel free to contact me to schedule a 15 min call.

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 4 months long guided inner journey for men


Private session 2 times a month

3 online group workshops - LIVE

Audio practices for guided inner exploration

Online lessons, including video and written material

Support throughout the course, in a facebook group open only for the small group of men you will journey with

Note: At the moment, I am offering C.L.E.A.R. only as a an individual journey, not in groups.



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