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I am so glad you are here!
Please note that my offers are undergoing changes at the moment - and my website does not yet reflect that.
If you are here because of your interest for SensualSelf Program - after almost 7 years of accompanying groups of women on their SensualSelf journey, I am closing the gate to that offer. In its place will be a differently structured women's space, with the topic of INTIMACY at its heart.
Here is a heartfelt invite to join my mailing list to get updated on the exciting changes happening in my offers.


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Are you ready
for an inner journey?


If you want to change your life, you start by changing your heart - through going on a journey within.

Like from every journey, if you go somewhere where you will be challenged enough, immersed enough, inspired enough and lost (to your usual routine) enough - you come back a changed person...

I am Andela and I am really happy to have you here, exploring what an inner journey can offer you. 

You will find more information about that below, but first, let's see who you will journey with and what I can offer you as a travel guide and companion.

I founded SensualSelf, my first and most seasoned program in 2016, after several years of my own profound inner journey and education.

I have since been dedicated to assisting men and women in the process of self-discovery, inner growth and emotional healing.

I have been blessed to be guided on my own journey by exceptional people who have modeled the true meaning of service. I know how it feels to be deeply and lovingly seen, guided into the depths of the soul, through and beyond fears, patiently instructed, corrected and supported. In my work, I aspire to guide and serve others with the same depth of presence, respect and love I received throughout my inner journey.



What others say about their experience with me:

Andela brings a great depth into this work, which is very important for me when embarking on such "adventures".

I believe, in order to teach this work, one must first do their own inner work, work grounded in honest self reflection and confrontation with deep parts of oneself, and that is what I appreciate about Andela - she teaches from personal experience.  Andela has been both a role model for me, as well as an ally on my journey and I have had a lot of incredible experiences with her.

I feel safe and protected in the space she holds and in her deep  feminine presence.



My offerings


Course for women




Marketing Executive

Courses for women

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Course for men



Marketing Executive

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Private sessions

We take 1,5 hour to deepen into the topic that's on your heart. Fee for one session is °€100,

For more details, please contact me here.

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Join my Instagram page to get more familiar with my work. You'll find content on self discovery, emotional and nervous system healing - and how that links together to create the kind of intimacy you desire in your relationship.
Feel free to comment, share your experiences and questions. I look forward to connecting with you!

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the upcoming journey...

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