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Hone your ability to emotionally support yourself and feel empowered and cared for even at the times when you don't get the support you were hoping for from the outside.

What you will receive in this course:

Skills, methods and extensive practice to emotionally regulate better.


What we will tackle in this course:

things that others say and do getting under your skin easily and it not being hard to throw you off balance - especially in the direction of self-doubt and fear of not being good enough

You will not learn

how to avoid vulnerability

how to avoid hurt

how to avoid anger


how to avoid disappointment

But you will learn 

how to stay conscious with those feelings and not be overtaken by them.


Become aware of your inner dialogue


Practice self-control when triggered


Turn to yourself and practice supportive inner dialogue


The first three modules are allowing you to learn and practice not abandoning yourself in the moment.

The last three modules allow you to examine, challenge and transform the underlying beliefs that keep you stuck in abandoning yourself.


Lower the need for validation from the outside


The hidden saboteur: Let go of negative associations with supporting yourself emotionally


Grow in self-respect and self -esteem through consistent emotional self-support

What does the course look like?


You will receive 6 video lessons introducing the topic of each module


18 short audio messages from me that will:

  • guide you through how to apply what you are learning that day 

  • take you through a follow along practices so you can deepen your skills of emotional regulation


  • inspire and motivate you to keep practicing and learning how to support yourself more deeply

As you progress through the course, you will receive a lesson that will introduce you to the current module and that will be followed with daily audio messages. 

There will also be 5 break days through the course with no new content, where you can either take a day off or catch up on the previous days if you missed some.

Time-wise, this is a course that can fit into every schedule. 

The lessons are short enough that you can watch them during your afternoon break, get comfy with a cup of tea and by the time the cup is empty, you'll have finished your lesson.

The audios are even easier to fit in. You can start your day with it, listen while you're having breakfast or while you're out walking your dog, or on the way to grocery store, or at any point in your day when you can take a little break.

You are also invited to join our private facebook group where I will encourage you share the course assignments and give and receive support from others who're practicing along with you.



This being the first time I am offering this course, I will also do a 40 min group calls once a week, where you can ask me your questions and deepen into the topics of each week.

Hiking Trail

The enrollment is currently closed. 

To be notified when the course opens for enrollment again, sign up to my newsletter.

What people say about my work:

After being on two 4 months journeys with Andela, I can clearly see the

transformation that took place in mind life during that time. Some fears

disappeared, I got a lot softer, more kind and open to other people and

I am less judgemental and more forgiving. I can feel deeper, am more

capable of seeing my fears, needs and boundaries and have experienced

for the first time, how it feels to really be able to hold and soothe

myself when I am experiencing strong emotions.

— Nora

When I did this course it helped me connect with my body's wisdom and intuition and also find safety within myself which I was looking for so long on the outside.

It helped me support myself in more nurturing ways and ultimately also to fully love myself.  I could go on but I hope this gives you an idea how life changing this work can be. It definitely was for me and also a lot of women I know and I hope it also will be for many more people! That's why I share about it so much.

So if you feel you might need guidance and support in these areas or in general just have a desire for a deeper connection to yourself, I highly encourage you to check it out.

— Melanie

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